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design becomes a reflection of my inspiration

Alter Ego Studio is a design studio founded by Natalia Komarova, world renowned and acclaimed designer. Natalia received several prestigious international design awards, namely four A'Design Awards and a European Product Design Award. Her designs have been published on global design portals including Yanko Design, Ignant, INTERIOR+DESIGN and DesignMilk among others.

"Design has become a reflection of the philosophy and values that are important to me. My creations are a manifestation of my personal inspiration".

Alter Ego Studio's pieces are aimed to create an emotional connection with people looking for a reflection of their personality in design. Functionality and aesthetics blend together through handcrafted pieces exclusively manufactured from premium materials.

The creative vision is based on the desire to make furniture alive. Therefore, among the shapes of the pieces, rhythms, curves, volumetric textures and asymmetry predominate. This allows to bring the furniture closer to the creations of nature, with the use of wood, natural stone and metal.


The capsule collection exclusively designed by Alter Ego Studio for October Gallery is inspired by the beauty of natural materials. The central components of the collection are the spectacular onyx, vibrant obsedian and quartz as well sunny, warm travertine, framed in polished brass and metal in rich and earthy colours.


The organic and minimalistic Stone Armchair features natural quartz and obsedian while the Stone Sofa showcases onyx side trims with a three-dimensional chevron pattern. Complementing the seating collection is the Futura Chair with asymmetrical, clear lines and dramatic polished metal. In addition to upholstered furniture, the collection features the Cluster Rock Accent Table and the Shift Rock Coffee Table, made from natural travertine and polished brass, imparting character to any space.

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