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organic creations inspired by the human anatomy

Ana Fatia, designer and creative art director, lives and breathes raw materials. Permanently exploring and experimenting, curious and restless, she challenges the industry with her stratospheric, industrial and organic creations.

"I develop concepts that explore the transformation of materials into organic forms. Materials are explored to the limit of their plasticity to enhance the creation of form, function and aesthetics through organicity.


Form is often superimposed on function through experimentation. The result of this creative process can be either a chair, a lamp, a brand or a video mapping show… I build a language with a vocabulary through new technologies, new production methods, creating unique pieces that disobey an intellectual order".

Her furniture collection inspired by the human anatomy propelled her into the international art scene. Presented for the first time in Milan, the MotherMine Collection was an immediate success.


Ana Fatia was considered one of the 150 most promising and talented designers of the world by the Salone Satellite during Milan Design Week - where she was one of the few designers invited to participate in an exhibition celebrating 20 Years of Creativity - and at "Now! Le Off!" at the Paris Design Week.

In 2018, Design Shanghai celebrated the 5th Edition of Asia's best and biggest international design event. On that occasion, Ana Fatia was invited to design a new exclusive piece to be displayed in the Collectible Hall: the MirrorMine Wall Mirror. As a result, she was invited to take part once again in the Design Shanghai 2019 Edition. This is when ​the Incomoda Sideboard was presented to the public and won the Design Shanghai Picks Award. The same year, she was also invited to the inaugural Edition of Design China Beijing.

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