Adérito Soares is the creative director of DRAMA Studio. A Portuguese designer, who bases his approach and creative thinking on clearly conceptual perspective, giving a great emphasis to the meaning and the visual expression of the form.

"Design came into my life during college. My icons were at the time insolents designers inventing their own world, such as Philippe Starck wearing an armour, and Marcel Wenders with his clown noise. I created DRAMA as a platform for my own universe and for other voices that share the same philosophy, or not. A playground for new possibilities. The future is to create another way of thinking about how we can understand and live in our technological, post digital world.

My background in industrial design gave me the basis for being able to approach design from a conceptual perspective, directing it to the total experimentation, using the craftmanship tradition for incidence in detail. 

The handmade process is crucial for my vision and creative message. My abstract design visualizes and creates things that may not be conventional, resulting in radical shapes.

I reverse the conventional method of conception, in the search for my utopia of significant pieces, which can give rise to distinct and not immediate interpretations, mutant objects that invade our space and transform it. Design is significance. Form is the result."

Over the past five years, he has created his design studio and developed a manifesto that, in addition to being the basis of his creative thinking, is also a statement. At the same time, he has been working on three distinct perspectives, where he manifests himself on his unusual interpretation of design, giving primacy to its meaning, relegating the function to a secondary role. The White Edition Series reveals the method of creating his work, where only prototypes are presented that summarize the creative process. These prototypes are presented using the white color, as if they were summing up a blank canvas, the origin of the whole creative exercise.

The Utopia Collection reflects his craving to discover mutant pieces, which invade different realities and merge them into to an universal one. Augmented objects. The belief in Utopia as a new vocabulary for the generations to come. Finally, in The Outside View Collection he invites multidisciplinary artists who are interested in contributing to DRAMA's manifesto, presenting original concepts with a strong and significant component that can tell a story or convey a message, whether clear or abstract, but which are disruptive and bold.

The Utopia Collection was presented to the public during DRAMA's presence at Design Shanghai 2018, in the Collectible Hall. He was also guest speaker at the Shanghai Design Forum, under the theme "Design, Form, Function and the Limited Editions". His work has gained recognition by obtaining design awards, such as the European Product Design Award with the White Ego Sideboard in 2017, and in 2018 with the Utopia 02 Coffee Table, as well as the Design Shanghai Picks Award 2018 with the Utopia 04 Console Table.

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