Design is Significance,
Form is the Result

DRAMA unifies the most daring voices and spirits who pursuit singularity. A different way to place art in the world, where design doesn’t praise functionality, but venerates irreverence. DRAMA presents itself as a parallel universe in which there is an utopian freedom to create and materialize abstract representations of what is presented as surreal. A vision that embraces irregularity, uncertainty and unbalance, where design as no fear, limits or rules.

Adérito Soares

creative director

Creative Director of DRAMA Studio. 

A designer who bases his approach and creative thinking on clearly conceptual perspective, giving a great emphasis to the meaning and the visual expression of the form.

“Design came into my life during college. My icons were at the time insolents designers inventing their own world, such as Philippe Starck wearing an armour and Marcel Wenders with his clown noise.

I created DRAMA as a platform for my own universe and for other voices that share the same philosophy, or not. A playground for new possibilities. The future is to create another way of thinking about how we can understand and live in our technological, post digital world”.

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