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design is significance, form is the result

Adérito Soares, Portuguese designer and creative director of DRAMA Studio, bases his approach and creative thinking on radical conceptual perspectives. His unusual interpretation of design gives primacy to its meaning and significance, praising the visual expression of the form and relegating the function to a secondary role.

"Design came into my life during college. My icons were at the time insolent designers inventing their own world, such as Philippe Starck wearing an armour, and Marcel Wenders with his clown nose.

I created DRAMA as a platform for my own universe and for others to share their voices. My ambition is to reinvent the way we understand and live in our technological, post digital world.

I base my design approach on a conceptual perspective, reinforcing the importance of craftsmanship to continually challenge the way I design my pieces. My abstract designs bring unconventional shapes to life, resulting in radical concepts. I reverse the conventional design process, in the search for utopia."

The Utopia Collection was presented to the public at Design Shanghai 2018 in the Collectible Hall. Soares was invited as a guest speaker at the Design Shanghai Forum, under the theme 'Design, Form, Function and the Limited Editions'.


His work has gained recognition by obtaining several design awards, such as the European Product Design Award with the White Ego Sideboard in 2017 and with the Utopia 02 Coffee Table in 2018. Also won the Design Shanghai Picks Award in 2018 with the Utopia 04 Console.


The White Edition Series reveals the method behind his creative process, where prototypes summarise the artist's work. This collection uses the colour white, representing a blank canvas or the origin of the whole creative exercise.

The Utopia Collection reflects his search for mutant pieces, exploring different realities and merging them into to a universal one. Through augmented objects, the belief in Utopia becomes a new vocabulary for the generations to come.

For The Outside View Collection he invites multidisciplinary artists to contribute to DRAMA's manifesto. This collaboration presents original concepts with strong and significant components, telling a story or conveying a message - whether clear or abstract yet always disruptive and bold.

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