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an essential, sober functional design

Formaminima is an Italian studio founded by Caterina Vrabec, offering exclusive lightings finely handcrafted in Italy, pushing the boundaries of excellence and precision to offer statement design pieces. The collection of exquisite, unique lightings showcases the know-how of artisans re-visiting the ancient manufacturing process, working with the highest quality local materials.

“Through the accurate creation of minimal objects able to inspire and intrigue, Formaminima is aimed at those admirers of an essential, sober and functional design."

Characterised by fine detailing and stunning natural materials, each piece of the collection presents an innovative aesthetic inspired by the Italian cultural and artistic heritage. The result is a poetic juncture between sleek contemporary design and ancient knowledge, bringing the best of Italian artistry to the modern home.

"We create value through the masterly realisation of unique pieces resulting from the direct collaboration between our designers and the excellence of Italian craftsmanship, along with its valuable know-how. Preserving the slow design process, as well as its fair research process and time needed to achieve the results expected, is essential to what we believe good design may be."


The collection comprises the Lamp/One Collection - including the single suspension and chandelier variations - as well as the Lamp/Two Collection. Each design is available in a wide selection of lavish finishes and produced either in small series or in limited edition in selected ateliers in Italy. 

Refined objects, easily adaptable to any type of interior. The compact size and sleek design enhances the volumes by radiating a soft downlight. Thanks to a cutting-edge artisanal technique able to turn them into less than a millimetre thinness, it becomes translucent when irradiated by light. A sober yet elegant décor pieces, the perfect additions to any refined interior.

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