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Design Shanghai



DRAMA was present in March 2018 at Design Shanghai, making its world premiere with its Utopia Collection, starting it with four limited edition design pieces.




Adérito Soares is the creative director of DRAMA Studio. A designer who bases his approach and creative thinking on clearly conceptual perspective, giving a great emphasis to the meaning and the visual expression of the form. The Utopia Collection reflects his craving to discover mutant pieces, which invade different realities and merge them into to an universal one. Augmented objects. The belief in Utopia as a new vocabulary for the generations to come. The Utopia Collection was presented to the public during DRAMA's presence at Design Shanghai 2018, in the Collectible Hall. In this edition, one of his works, the Utopia 04 Console Table has won the Design Shanghai Picks Award.

DRAMA invites multidisciplinary artists with the purpose of collecting different themes and conceptual approaches, creating a transversal narrative which translates into a message with a wide dissemination. This exercise was started in The Outside View collection, by invitation to the architect Ricardo Guedes, who created for DRAMA the mirror called 'Portal'. A captivating and mysterious triptych, a piece that connects body and imagination, as if all the answers were on the other side of the mirror. A portal that has the power to bewitch and transport us to another world. This piece was also presented in the Design Shanghai 2018 edition.

Exhibition images

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