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Design Shanghai



October Gallery was present in March 2019 at Design Shanghai with a selection of limited edition pieces, with design by AnaFatia and DRAMA.




To describe her ten-year path, totally devoted to the world of Arts and Design, we could only use words of strength. As a stratospheric ​and industrial designer, she lives and breathes raw materials, permanently investigating and experimenting, she challenges the industry with every product created. Ana Fatia is a curious and restless mind. She created a furniture collection inspired in the human anatomy and manufactured in partnership with the Portuguese industry that had travelled the world. In Design Shanghai 2019, the MirrorMine wall mirror was completely different in terms of materials. Ana Fatia is working with recycling woods, that older than 100 years and she is focusing on total craftsmanship production. The wood she is using only exists in 3 parts of the world - China, Japan and Portugal. 

Adérito Soares is the creative director of DRAMA Studio. A designer who bases his approach and creative thinking on clearly conceptual perspective, giving a great emphasis to the meaning and the visual expression of the form. The Utopia Collection reflects his craving to discover mutant pieces, which invade different realities and merge them into to an universal one. Augmented objects. The belief in Utopia as a new vocabulary for the generations to come. In Design Shanghai 2019, the Utopia 02 Coffee Table was present for the second time.

Exhibition images

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