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Design Shanghai Picks Award



Incomoda Sideboard, an art piece from the MotherMine Collection, won one of the Design Shanghai Picks Award. Design inspired by human anatomy. A reflection of Ana's own identity.



Designer and creative art director, Ana Fatia was considered one of the 150 most promising and talented designers of the world by the Salone Satellite during Milan Design Week and at "Now! Le Off!" at the Paris Design Week. As a stratospheric ​and industrial designer, she lives and breathes raw materials, permanently investigating and experimenting, she challenges the industry with every product created. Ana Fatia is a curious and restless mind. She created a furniture collection inspired in the human anatomy and manufactured in partnership with the Portuguese industry that had travelled the world. In Design Shanghai 2019, one of his works, the Incomoda Sideboard has won the Design Shanghai Picks Award.

Work images

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