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October Gallery is proud to represent CARCINO Design Lab

Atualizado: 30 de out. de 2023

October Gallery is proud to represent CARCINO Design Lab, founded by Maria Pernice and Marco Brotto in Venice, Italy in 2021. Enlivened by the oldest currents of the lagoon city, the duo of architects interprets a universal language of contents and forms, aimed at both East and West. The studio primarily focuses on the search for beauty - so complex to grasp yet concrete in its expression.

Pursuing the expansion of its portfolio, October Gallery is proud to represent CARCINO Design Lab whose works align with our core values: craftsmanship and heritage savoir-faire, material transformation and uncensored aesthetic. Driven by a common conscience and a collective ability to express a language and emphasise communication, the synopsis of CARCINO's work can be found in the plasticity of the modelled material. The studio's work is not and end in itself but rather idea, design, material and communication coming together.

"In every object, we thrive to find the concepts of beauty and communication, whose transposition in current language is easily identifiable in quality."

CARCINO Design Lab always attempts at challenging their creative process and approach to crafting works using the latest modelling tools. Working exclusively with the finest, locally sourced materials, the studio offers handcrafted pieces carefully manufactured in Italy, cultivating local heritage and savoir-faire. Works showcase Bassano del Grappa marble and hand blown glass by master glassmakers.

CARCINO's capsule collection for October Gallery highlights the natural beauty of venetian marble and blown opal glass. Handcrafted in Venice, Italy, in a limited edition, each piece encapsulates the mastery and skills of local artisans. Discover the CLITEMNESTRA Table Lamp and CLITEMNESTRA Floor Lamp, showcasing the duality between the raw beauty of marble base and the delicacy of the Venetian blown opal glass, and the CRESSIDA Floor Mirror, where neoclassical imagery meets contemporary vision.


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