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designs that transcend the limits of functionality

Ricardo Guedes, Portuguese architect and designer, collaborated with internationally acclaimed practices - Pritzker Prize laureate Rem Koolhaas/OMA and renowned architecture and design office UN Studio - before founding ARG Studio.

His approach derives from his collaborations and nurtured friendships around the world. He creates designs that transcend the limits of functionality and gather a community of individuals sharing the same vision.

"Go further, beyond. Is what my design aims to achieve. Not following conventional and expected concepts of functional design but trigger a dynamic and mutable conversation, allowing the unpredictable. Designs that transcend the limits of functionality."

Invited by DRAMA to collaborate on the Outside View Collection, he designed the Portal Triptych Mirror for October Gallery.


The Outside View Collection is a limited edition series entirely handcrafted in Portugal, and exclusively designed by Ricardo Guedes for October Gallery.

An object of worship with an apparent trivial function, yet evoking mystery. In this era of egotism, the guilty pleasure of mirror gazing turns into a ritual with its own time and place. The Portal is a neo-renaissance object, intimate and personal, becoming a doorway to our reflection.

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